Humanfactorx is a highly specialized Human Factors partner.

We help you to improve your product, environment or service, by understanding on how Humans behave and interact, physically and psychologically, in relation to new technologies.


Basic Ergonomics

Ergonomics 1.0!

Our Ergonomic Consulting Services aim to assist your team in the design and development of new products or technological solutions.

Concept design - Anthropometric Data - Quick & Dirty testing - Expert evaluation - Prototyping tools - Ergonomic guidelines


Do it better!

We apply Human Factors methodologies and models to analyze, test, redesign and evaluate your product, environment or service.

Office ergonomics - Manufacturing line - Industrial workplace - Workstation design - Tool design and selection - Product design - Training

Needfinding Strategy

Find undiscovered needs with us!

We understand if your idea meets the real needs of end users. Tools and metrics to support your strategic decisions and the operative actions. User Centered Design (UCD) approach.

Customizable Research

Research is accessible to industry!

Human Factors consulting services: applied research, exploratory development and knowledge transfer. Packaged and bespoke services, working on-site or remotely.

Smart Prototyping & Testing

Let’s do it!

We help you create and test conceptual and physical prototypes of your ideas, from the concept to the final stages. Lo-fi and Hi-fi prototype testing with end users. Formative & Summative evaluations.


Reduce Risk!

Human Factors requirements are very important. We help you define (and create) specific requirements and process documentation (e.g. design history file DHF - required for regulatory purposes).


Healthy Aging

Can Technology enhance my lifestyle?

Every individual has their own personal lifestyle, and it isn’t closely related to biological age or aging processes. Technologies that integrate Human Factors aspects, could help Humans to retain, or even enhance, their abilities and experiences in all the stages (or temporary conditions) of their life.

IoT - Internet of Things

Am I doing IoT well?

Objects are things very close to us, that belong to us, to which we link memories and experiences. The use of new materials and electronics allows intelligent objects to perform functions for us independently, or to enhance our capabilities. But things also have functional aspects, they must be handled, touched, transported, observed, etc.

Industry 4.0

“Hey! Look What I Can Do!” effect

Are you adopting just  “technology for technology’s sake”? Is your Human Machine Interface (HMI) user-friendly? Are Humans or Human Factors  in the list of your project 4.0 specifications? Smart solutions must exploit the potential of technologies, but at the same time consider the real needs of Humans.

Medical Devices

Is my product safe and effective?

Are you applying Human Factors & Usability Engineering processes (ANSI/AAMI/IEC or FDA standards) to optimise the design of your device user interface? Did you correctly consider the use-related risks of your product? Did you test your prototypes with users? Did you design the medical device according to ergonomic requirements?




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